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  • If you'd like to contact me, please send an e-mail to donna at donnahowey dot com.

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  • Growing up in a family that has always been deeply immersed in the outdoors, her father, a Wildlife Conservation Officer, and her mother, a Master Gardener, Donna Howey is drawn to the beauty and wonder of the natural world. While all of nature is captivating to Howey, she is most fond of the wildflowers found in the Northeast, especially the blooms that are frequently unobserved. “To find an unfamiliar petal that is growing beneath the grasses or on a hillside, almost completely concealed by leaves, twigs and other plant life, is so thrilling...especially when it is a species that I have not previously met!” With her camera, she longs to capture and share the artistry that is often unnoticed in the outdoors. Using some of her photos, Howey will on occasion produce an image in black and white, or in sepia tone, and hand-tint the subject with oil hues, creating a vintage-style piece. Currently, Donna's work is offered in five artisan shoppes in the central Pennsylvania region and also on line at


  • The paths lead them in pleasant places who walk among the wild flowers. ~John Kieran


Hand-tinted Vintage Style Photos

  • Hand-tinting is a process using photo paints to add color to a black and white or a sepia tone image. All of the hand-tinted photos on this site have been shaded with a hand-held brush, never colored with the aid of a computer.


  • Most photos are also available unframed, with the exception of the hand-tinted prints. An 8x10 inch print matted in white may be purchased for $20 plus shipping.


  • If a piece is already sold, please allow two weeks to reproduce an identical framed print.

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  • Wildflowers...God's kindness. ~PN Ford

Artistry Tips

  • Photos look best when displayed at eye level. Artwork need not always be on a wall. Consider displaying works on an easel.


  • None can have a healthy love for flowers unless he loves the wild ones. ~Forbes Watson
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